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My job as your day-of-coordinator looks like this:

You download all of your thoughts, concerns, hopes, and plans for the day to me, and then I make sure your day happens... the way you want it to!

As a bride, I want you to so delight in your wedding day. That means not worrying about the problems that are sure to arise. If you give me your vision, then I can be your brain and put out all of the inevitable fires while you sit pretty with a mimosa. Sounds amazing, right?

Practically speaking, here's what I offer as a day-of-coordinator: 

  • Communicating with bridal party and families, ensuring everyone is where they need to be for pictures, hairdressers, make-up, etc. 

  • Assistance with setup and teardown before, before, during and after the event. 

  • Coordination with vendors as they begin to drop off florals, food, decor, etc. I will also work with the DJ/Band, officiant, caterers and any other applicable vendors. 

  • Ensuring the decor and florals actually look how the bride wants them to, and working with the vendors to fix things as needed. 

  • Coordination at the rehearsal. I work with the bridal party on timing, orientation, flow, etc. I will also typically stand with flower girls/ring bearers to help them with timing.

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Coordination rates start at $800 and go up based on the specific needs of the bride.

$800 Coordination:

-Assistance with the Rehearsal

-Half day of assistance on the day-of (typically about 10 hours). 

-Includes: set-up/design assistance, assistance with transitions, communication with vendors, family and bridal party, and tear-down. Specific duties are limited to the time frame of the coordinator on the day-of.

Please inquire about more extensive coordinations! 

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